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What if you enter wrong password ?

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I was checking out the UnRar UDF but I cant use it cuz I have load of files zipped with 3 different pass & they are all mixed up. So I figured Ill just make a pass list & just drag & drop my files into gui I made & it will find right pass from the list & extract all dropped files.

But I dont see a pass check hire. how do I know if the entered pass was correct?

Case $UCM_NEEDPASSWORD ;DLL needs a password to process archive
            Local $iPassGet = InputBox("Password required", "Please type a password", "", "*", 300, 120)
            If $iPassGet = "" Then Return -1 ;If user cancelled password entering
            Local $PassBuffer = DllStructCreate("char[256]", $P1)
            DllStructSetData($PassBuffer, 1, $iPassGet)
            Return 1

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Well, you're storing the password into a struct. So far so good. But now, you need to do something with that struct. So, from what I see, there is an unrar.dll. The dll has a password verify function (or some similiar function)? If so, then pass that struct into DLLCall() and check the return value. I'm stabbing in the dark though.

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