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vclskin guı

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.skn file run guı



please help me

#include <ButtonConstants.au3>
#include <EditConstants.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>

 _skn(@ScriptDir & "\zune.skn"); help me
 Global $oMyRet[2]
#Region ### START Koda GUI section ### Form=
$Form1 = GUICreate("[#] Form1 [#]", 633, 447, 192, 124)
$Button1 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button1", 80, 208, 145, 65, $WS_GROUP)
$Button2 = GUICtrlCreateButton("Button2", 336, 216, 161, 89, $WS_GROUP)
$Input1 = GUICtrlCreateInput("Input1", 64, 40, 209, 21)
$Edit1 = GUICtrlCreateEdit("", 80, 72, 185, 113)
GUICtrlSetData(-1, "Edit1")
#EndRegion ### END Koda GUI section ###

While 1
    $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $nMsg
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE
            DllCall("user32.dll", "int", "AnimateWindow", "hwnd", $Form1, "int", 1000, "long", 0x00050010);implode
Opt("TrayIconHide", 1)



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The link you gave explains your problem as far as I understood it.

VCLSkin™ is a component used to create skinnable user interfaces for Delphi/C++Builder applications.

so it is not something you can use for AutoIt.

You can skin withValuater's XSkin udf for example which is free!

Serial port communications UDF Includes functions for binary transmission and reception.printing UDF Useful for graphs, forms, labels, reports etc.Add User Call Tips to SciTE for functions in UDFs not included with AutoIt and for your own scripts.Functions with parameters in OnEvent mode and for Hot Keys One function replaces GuiSetOnEvent, GuiCtrlSetOnEvent and HotKeySet.UDF IsConnected2 for notification of status of connected state of many urls or IPs, without slowing the script.

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Maybe USkin is an alternative for you. (make sure to disable UPX when creating an exe)

*GERMAN* [note: you are not allowed to remove author / modified info from my UDFs]My UDFs:[_SetImageBinaryToCtrl] [_TaskDialog] [AutoItObject] [Animated GIF (GDI+)] [ClipPut for Image] [FreeImage] [GDI32 UDFs] [GDIPlus Progressbar] [Hotkey-Selector] [Multiline Inputbox] [MySQL without ODBC] [RichEdit UDFs] [SpeechAPI Example] [WinHTTP]UDFs included in AutoIt: FTP_Ex (as FTPEx), _WinAPI_SetLayeredWindowAttributes

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