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Increment number in file

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First off I tried searching both the forums and the help file and I just know it's in one of them. If somebody could please help me find it I would be much grateful.

Simply put, I am trying to increment a number that is read from an ini file. The script is to read the initial value, add one to it, and save the new value. The area dealing with this is the last line of code below.

Here is my code:

#Include <Restart.au3>
Global $CommandIni = "DropRun.ini"
; Check that CommandIni exists, if not create file with default values.
If FileExists($CommandIni) Then
Global $Commands = IniReadSection($CommandIni, @ComputerName)
IniWrite($CommandIni, @ComputerName & "_Log", "Start", $CommandIni & " found and read.")
Local $defCmds[2][2] = [ ["Completed", "1"], ["Command1", "cmd.exe"] ]
IniWriteSection($CommandIni, @ComputerName, $defCmds, 0)
IniWrite($CommandIni, @ComputerName & "_Log", "Error", $CommandIni & " not found. Attempted to create file.")
; Check if already completed, if not run the commands.
If $Commands[1][1] = "0" Then
IniWrite($CommandIni, @ComputerName & "_Log", "Reading", "Entered Command section.")
For $i = 2 To $Commands[0][0]
  ; Check if line is commented out.
  If StringInStr($Commands[$i][0], ";") Then ContinueLoop
  Local $exitCode = RunWait($Commands[$i][1])
  IniWrite($CommandIni, @ComputerName & "_Log", "Command" & $i-1, $exitCode)
IniWrite($CommandIni, @ComputerName, "Completed", "1")
; Log number of times script restarted.
$Restarts = IniRead($CommandIni, @ComputerName & "_Log", "Restarts", "0")
IniWrite($CommandIni, @ComputerName & "_Log", "Restarts", $Restarts+1)

The script uses the

Also, if anybody has suggestions on how to simplify this I'd also greatly appreciate it.

P.S. Sorry I couldn't get the code to paste pretty =S

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You misspelled "restarts" on the INIWrite () portion of it. :mellow:

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Might be an Idea to tell autoit its dealing with a number too.

$Restarts = Int(IniRead($CommandIni, @ComputerName & "_Log", "Restarts", "0"))
IniWrite($CommandIni, @ComputerName & "_Log", "Restarts", $Restarts+1)
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@LurchMan: ha thanks for catching my spelling error =P

@JohnOne: are you also pointing out my spelling error?


@JohnOne: oops okay i see what you did now :mellow:

Edited by Klexur

Quiet but very inquisitive

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