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Skype crashes when opend via AutoIt

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I have a script for starting all my startup programs. But when I use the script to start skype, skype crashes immediately. When I start up skype using the shortcut on the desktop it works fine.

(I'm running Windows 7 64-bit with AutoIt3.exe in compatibility mode for Windows XP.)

Any ideas?

Dim $answer
If Not ProcessExists("wonderfl.exe") Then
Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Wonderful\wonderfl.exe")
$answer = MsgBox(4, "", "Run remaining startup programs?", 60)
If $answer = 7 Then Exit ; if no button is selected, exit script
If Not ProcessExists("PureText.exe") Then
Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Puretext\PureText.exe")
If Not ProcessExists("2xExplorer.exe") Then
Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\2xExplorer\2xExplorer.exe")
If Not ProcessExists("RBTray.exe") Then
Run("C:\Program Files\RBTray Minimize to Tray\64bit\RBTray.exe")
If Not ProcessExists("FileBX.exe") Then
Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\FileBX\FileBX.exe")
If Not ProcessExists("FreeWheel.exe") Then
Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\FreeWheel\FreeWheel.exe")
If Not ProcessExists("firefox.exe") Then
Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Firefox\firefox.exe")
If Not ProcessExists("thunderbird.exe") Then
Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla Thunderbird\thunderbird.exe")
If Not ProcessExists("HprSnap7.exe") Then
Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\HyperSnap 7\HprSnap7.exe")
If Not ProcessExists("magicJack.exe") Then
If Not ProcessExists("Skype.exe") Then
Run("C:\Program Files (x86)\Skype\Phone\Skype.exe")

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    • By coronatuss
      Hello eveyone,
      I installed the latest version of Autoit (x86 - for greater compatibility) and SciTE.
      Every time I want to generate the GUI code designed in Koda, the program freezes (only Koda, not SciTE).
      Have you ever had this problem? Do you know how to fix it?
    • By francoiste
      this is a follow-up to
      i sporadically and very rarely get an access violation exception.
      here is some simplyfied repro code:
      #Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #AutoIt3Wrapper_Change2CUI=y #AutoIt3Wrapper_Run_Tidy=y #EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #include-once #include <Array.au3> #include <security.au3> ;~ #include "ESC_Globals.au3" Global Const $WTS_CURRENT_SESSION = -1 Global Const $WTS_CURRENT_SERVER_HANDLE = 0 Global Const $WTS_CLIENTPROTOCOLTYPE = 16 Global Const $WTS_CONNECTSTATE = 8 Global Const $WTS_USERNAME = 5 Global Const $tagWTS_SESSION_INFO = _ "dword SessionId;" & _ "ptr WinStationName;" & _ "uint State" Global Const $tagWTS_PROCESS_INFO = _ "DWORD SessionId;" & _ "DWORD ProcessId;" & _ "PTR pProcessName;" & _ "PTR pUserSid" For $i = 0 To 1000 * 20 ConsoleWrite("iteration " & $i & @CRLF) _GetProcessList() Sleep(1000) Next MsgBox(0, "COMPLETED", "everything done") ;***************************************** ;# returns an array: ProcessName | ProcessID | SessionID | ProcessOwner Func _GetProcessList() Local $i, $aRet ConsoleWrite("_GetProcessList() --> " & @AutoItPID & @CRLF) Local $aProcessList = ProcessList() $aRet = DllCall("WTSApi32.dll", "int", "WTSEnumerateProcesses", "int", $WTS_CURRENT_SERVER_HANDLE, "int", 0, "int", 1, "ptr*", 0, "int*", 0) If @error Or ($aRet[0] == 0) Then MsgBox(4096 + 48, "Error", "Failed invoking WTSEnumerateProcesses") Return (SetError(1, 0, -1)) EndIf Local $array[$aRet[5]][4] Local $mem = DllStructCreate($tagWTS_PROCESS_INFO, $aRet[4]) For $i = 0 To $aRet[5] - 1 ConsoleWrite("IT: " & $i) ;# DEBUG $mem = DllStructCreate($tagWTS_PROCESS_INFO, $aRet[4] + ($i * DllStructGetSize($mem))) ConsoleWrite(" - PID: ") ;# DEBUG $array[$i][1] = Int(DllStructGetData($mem, "ProcessId"), 1) ;# convert to Int32 ConsoleWrite($array[$i][1]) ;# DEBUG ConsoleWrite("; SID: ") ;# DEBUG $array[$i][2] = Int(DllStructGetData($mem, "SessionId"), 1) ;# convert to Int32 ConsoleWrite($array[$i][2]) ;# DEBUG Local $name1 = "???" For $j = 1 To $aProcessList[0][0] If $aProcessList[$j][1] == $array[$i][1] Then $name1 = $aProcessList[$j][0] ExitLoop EndIf Next ConsoleWrite("; NAME1: " & $name1) ;# DEBUG ConsoleWrite("; NAM") ;# DEBUG Local $ret2 = DllStructGetData($mem, "pProcessName") ConsoleWrite("E") ;# DEBUG Local $ret3 = DllStructCreate("char[256]", $ret2) Local $myRet = @error ConsoleWrite(": ") ;# DEBUG If $myRet == 0 Then Local $string = "" & DllStructGetData($ret3, 1) & "" ;# <==== here it sometimes CRASHES $array[$i][0] = $string ConsoleWrite($array[$i][0]) ;# DEBUG Else MsgBox(4096 + 48, "Error", "Failed for DllStructCreate: " & $myRet) ;# i never got here $array[$i][0] = "???" ConsoleWrite($array[$i][0]) ;# DEBUG EndIf ConsoleWrite("; OWNER") ;# DEBUG Local $ret3 = _Security__LookupAccountSid(DllStructGetData($mem, "pUserSid")) ConsoleWrite(": ") ;# DEBUG If IsArray($ret3) Then $array[$i][3] = "" & $ret3[1] & "/" & $ret3[0] & "" ConsoleWrite($array[$i][3]) ;# DEBUG EndIf ConsoleWrite(@CRLF) ;# DEBUG Next ConsoleWrite("endLoop." & @CRLF) ;# DEBUG DllCall("WTSApi32.dll", "int", "WTSFreeMemory", "int", $aRet[4]) ConsoleWrite("_GetProcessList() <-- " & @AutoItPID & @CRLF) ;# DEBUG Return $array EndFunc ;==>_GetProcessList
      first of all i'd like to understand WHY it crashes in DllStructGetData.
      and then i'd like to AVOID it, of course
      so far i have found no way to add some try-catch logic in AutoIt.
      any ideas why it would crash under very rare circumstances?
      my script is 32bit executed on windows 64bit OS.
      i have seen it on both, windows 7 and windows 10.
      i have seen it with both, script execution and compiled exe.
    • By r0ash
      Hi guys,
      I am trying to backup Skype contacts when the Skype window is minimized or machine is locked. But ControlSend is not working.
      However when I run program, when Skype is active & focused, same program works.
      #Region ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** #AutoIt3Wrapper_UseX64=n #EndRegion ;**** Directives created by AutoIt3Wrapper_GUI **** $pid = Run("skype.exe") $hWnd = WinWait("[CLASS:tSkMainForm]", "", 10) WinSetState($hWnd, "", @SW_SHOW) Sleep( 1000 ) ControlSend($hWnd,"","TConversationsControl1", "!cdb") If I change 
      WinSetState($hWnd, "", @SW_SHOW) to 
      WinSetState($hWnd, "", @SW_MINIMIZE) The file dialog to save contact as file will never appear. Where FAQs says ControlSend() instead of Send() will work even computer is locked.
      Thanks for your time.
      P.S: I've tried to find if backing up Skype contacts violate any EULA but do not find anything. Kindly enlighten me if this post is against forum rules in any sense.
    • By YellowLab
      I am having a very unique, but repeatable problem with ImageMagick COM interface. Here are the applicable lines of code:
      and then later on...
      $oIM.Convert(String($arFileList[$nFileIndex])&'[0]',"-alpha", "remove",@TempDir&"\temp.jpg")
      the array points to a pdf file with the "convert" command converting the first page of the pdf to a jpg with any alpha layer removed.
      Every time, without fail, the first time I run the script on a freshly booted machine it crashes on the $oIM.Convert command. It does this if it isn't compiled and says there is an error executing the command on the object. If compiled, i get an error that autoit has stopped responding. Anytime I run the script, compiled or not, after this initial crash everything works perfectly fine.
      I am totally at a loss as to why this is occurring and how to correct it.
    • By WannaBeGut
      I want to make a application which calls a User and returns the error / status of the call. I don't think it works, the status stays "routing". Not 100% sure what that means for me.
      $oSkype = ObjCreate("Skype4COM.Skype") $oUser = $oSkype.User("User") $oSkypeEvent = ObjEvent($oSkype,"Skype_") $oError = ObjEvent("AutoIt.Error","MyErrFunc") $cUserStatus_Offline = $oSkype.Convert.TextToUserStatus("OFFLINE") $cUserStatus_Online = $oSkype.Convert.TextToUserStatus("ONLINE") $cCallStatus_Ringing = $oSkype.Convert.TextToCallStatus("RINGING") $cCallStatus_Inprogress = $oSkype.Convert.TextToCallStatus("INPROGRESS") $cCallStatus_Failed = $oSkype.Convert.TextToCallStatus("FAILED") $cCallStatus_Refused = $oSkype.Convert.TextToCallStatus("REFUSED") $cCallStatus_Cancelled = $oSkype.Convert.TextToCallStatus("CANCELLED") $cCallStatus_Finished = $oSkype.Convert.TextToCallStatus("FINISHED") $cCallStatus_Busy = $oSkype.Convert.TextToCallStatus("BUSY") $cAttachmentStatus_Available = $oSkype.Convert.TextToAttachmentStatus("AVAILABLE") If Not $oSkype.Client.IsRunning Then $oSkype.Client.Start() EndIf Func Skype_AttachmentStatus($aStatus) MsgBox(0,"","Attachment status " & $oSkype.Convert.AttachmentStatusToText($aStatus)) If $aStatus = $oSkype.Convert.TextToAttachmentStatus("AVAILABLE") Then $oSkype.Attach() EndIf EndFunc While 1 If $oSkype.CurrentUserStatus = $oSkype.Convert.TextToUserStatus("ONLINE") Then ExitLoop Else $oSkype.ChangeUserStatus($oSkype.Convert.TextToUserStatus("ONLINE")) EndIf Sleep(1000) WEnd If $cUserStatus_Offline = $oSkype.CurrentUserStatus Then $oSkype.ChangeUserStatus($cUserStatus_Online) EndIf $oCall = $oSkype.PlaceCall($oUser.Handle); Start Call $callstatusraw = $oCall.Status;Raw Call Status $callstatus = $oSkype.Convert.CallStatusToText($callstatusraw);Call Status converted to Text While $callstatusraw <> $cCallStatus_Inprogress MsgBox(0, "", ""&$callstatus);Displays the Call Status WEnd The part until the $oCall Variable is from Andy Flesner (Airwolf123). But works fine.
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