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[SOLVED] - Strange delay in loading .ado objects

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Hi all,

I call a .xml file in this way:

If FileExists($myxmlfile) Then
                If $call_ado = 0 Then
                    $call_ado = 1
             GUISetState(@SW_SHOW, $DB_GUI)

Func _ADOCalls($file_xml)
    With $adoRsItems
        .CursorLocation = 3; adUseClient
        .CursorType = 2; adOpenDynamic
        .LockType = 3; adLockPessimistic
        If FileExists($file_xml) Then .Open($file_xml)
EndFunc   ;==>_ADOCalls

Func _PopulateListView()
    If $adoRsItems.EOF() Then
        $adoRsItems.Filter = 0
    $J = $adoRsItems.Fields.Count() - 1
    While Not $adoRsItems.EOF()
     $Txt = ''
        For $I = 0 To $J
            $Txt &= $adoRsItems.Fields($I).Value & "|"
        If $sets[UBound($sets) - 1] <> $adoRsItems.fields(1).value Then _ArrayAdd($sets, $adoRsItems.fields(1).value)
        GUICtrlCreateListViewItem(StringTrimRight($Txt, 1), $ListView)
    GUICtrlSetData($LVNumber, _GUICtrlListView_GetItemCount($hListView))
EndFunc   ;==>_PopulateListView

I load 14,000 records.

If I use _arraysort($mydb) before writing data to .xml, the loading time becomes horrible (around 40 secs vs 8 secs)

(I need it sorted since I use _arraybinarysearch() to look for datas there and eventually change them.)

_ArrayConcatenate($dest, $new_added, 1)
                _ArraySort($dest)  ; <----------------------  Not needed here but I add since in previous lines it has been called
                _ArrayAdd($dest, "</rs:data>")
                _ArrayAdd($dest, "</xml>")
                _FileWriteFromArray($myxmlfile, $dest, 1)
                While FileOpen($myxmlfile) < 0

How to solve it?


Edited by marko001

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