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FindWindowEx(Null, Null, MAKEINTATOM(0xC017, TEXT("Start"))

converted to AutoIt using a dll call (Which I assume is correct),

$NULL = ""; null-terminated string
$hWnd = _WinAPI_FindWindow("Shell_TrayWnd", "")
$Atom = "" ;MAKEINTATOM(0xC017) - How would I do this in AutoIt?
$StartMenu = DllCall("user32.dll", "HWND", "FindWindowEx", "HWND", $hWnd, "HWND", $Null, "str",  $Atom, "str", "Start")

I'm extremely new to using DllCall and I know very little C.

The overall effect that I am trying to achieve is to hide the Windows 7 Start Orb. I have already hidden the taskbar. That's extremely easy. Just put in _WinAPI_ShowWindow($hWnd, @SW_HIDE) in the above code.

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$sClassName A string that specifies the class name or is an atom that identifies the class-name string. If

this parameter is an atom, it must be a global atom created by a call to the GlobalAddAtom function. The

atom, a 16-bit value, must be placed in the low-order word of the $sClassName string and the high-order word

must be zero.

dllcall func for GlobalAddAtom

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Instead of using the undocumented hex value, you could get the button by text/class/instance or class/instance.

Local $hStartOrb = DllCall("user32.dll", "hwnd", "FindWindowEx", "hwnd", 0, "hwnd", 0, "int_ptr", 0xC017, "ptr", 0);_WinAPI_MakeQWord(0xC017, 0)
If @error Then Exit
$hStartOrb = $hStartOrb[0]
$hStartOrb = ControlGetHandle(_WinAPI_GetDesktopWindow(), "", "[TEXT:Start; CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1]")

How do I cover the taskbar with a fullscreen window?

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