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Version 4 UUID Generator

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Version 4 UUID generator not using COM Object calls:

;Version 4 UUID generator
;credits goes to mimec (
Func uuid()
    Return StringFormat('%04x%04x-%04x-%04x-%04x-%04x%04x%04x', _
            Random(0, 0xffff), Random(0, 0xffff), _
            Random(0, 0xffff), _
            BitOR(Random(0, 0x0fff), 0x4000), _
            BitOR(Random(0, 0x3fff), 0x8000), _
            Random(0, 0xffff), Random(0, 0xffff), Random(0, 0xffff) _

; Opt('MustDeclareVars', 1)

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#2 ·  Posted (edited)

This is Great ! Just what I was looking for, as I wanted a V4-uuid .

Also came across a couple of other UUID things.

One Here:

And another way as shown by PTrex in another thread on a different topic.

MsgBox(0,"GUID Generator",_GenerateGUID ())
Func _GenerateGUID ()
$oScriptlet = ObjCreate ("Scriptlet.TypeLib")
Return $oScriptlet.Guid

ProgAndy gave me this one too:

The WinAPIEx library contains a function called _WinAPI_CreateGUID

Geez I love the AutoIT Community !

They know the answers even before the question arises ! So what's the winning Lotto Numbers EH !!!



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      Hi all, it's been a while since I last used regular expressions and I find myself out of time to experiment with this particular issue, so I throw myself upon your mercy and expertise.
      I am looking to create a function that will say whether or not a supplied string is a valid UUID or not.
      Local $sTestF = '4C4C4544-004A-4C10-8054-B7C04F46343' Local $sTestT = '4C4C4544-004A-4C10-8054-B7C04F463432' ConsoleWrite('False = ' & _IsValidUUID($sTestF) & @CRLF) ConsoleWrite('True = ' & _IsValidUUID($sTestT) & @CRLF) Func _IsValidUUID($sUUID) ;[\p{XDigit}]{8}-[\p{XDigit}]{4}-[34][\p{XDigit}]{3}-[89ab][\p{XDigit}]{3}-[\p{XDigit}]{12} ; Test UUID = '4C4C4544-004A-4C10-8054-B7C04F463432' Local $sRegExp = '([:xdigit:]){8}\-([:xdigit:]){4}\-([34])([:xdigit:]){3}\-([89ab])([:xdigit:]){3}\-([:xdigit:]){12}' ConsoleWrite(StringRegExp($sUUID, $sRegExp) & @CRLF) Local $Result = StringRegExp($sUUID, $sRegExp) ConsoleWrite($Result & @CRLF) If @error Then ConsoleWrite('Error: [' & @error & ']' & @CRLF) Return 'False' Else ConsoleWrite('Error2: [' & @error & ']' & @CRLF) Return 'True' EndIf EndFunc In the line under the Function call, you'll see the regex I found to do this from a google search. That was my starting point, and I'm trying to get it to work in Au3 and failing miserably.
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