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Replacing System Tray Clock


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Basically, I would like to replace the Windows System Tray Clock with my own having more useful functionality.

An example of this in C++ is here:


But it doesn't seem AutoIT has similar commands in it's systemtray functions.

I have no idea how to start coding this, but any useful direction would be greatly appreciated.

(I hope I have the right thread this time). :D

Thank you.

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Can't see anything about replacing the Tray clock in the example you refer to, it's just about animated icons in the tray. This can be done with

Thank you. I have seen this UDF in my searches. You are right about the animation feature referenced in the article. I guess I was focusing on creating text within a system tray icon. The text I would use is a live and current digital clock face.

Maybe I should revisit animate udf. Thank you again for your reply, KaFu.

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