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Gui Image List & Embedeed Icons in Exe


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Hi every body!

I have a strange problem that i can't solve:

I made a GUI with a ToolBar, and i want to display custom icons in it.

It's OK if i don't compile the script and i try to add the icons into my ImageList directly from disque, but when i compile and embeed my icons in the Exe file, then my icons wont appear at all!

I made a simplified sample GUI to show you my problem, but here, it's another problem:

the first added icon won't appear, and the others (2) appear, and the standard compiled script's icons appear normally!

I really have a big headach in this!

Here is joined my script with the icons, please compile it to see the problem.


ToolBar icons.zip

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Should it not be 4,5,6 in stead of 5,6,7:

If @Compiled Then

_GUIImageList_AddIcon ($hToolBarImageListNorm, @ScriptFullPath, 4)

_GUIImageList_AddIcon ($hToolBarImageListNorm, @ScriptFullPath, 5)

_GUIImageList_AddIcon ($hToolBarImageListNorm, @ScriptFullPath, 6)


When I Compile with Options without changing anything it works.

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This seems to be working:

        If @Compiled Then
            _GUIImageList_AddIcon ($hToolBarImageListNorm, @AutoItExe, 4)
            _GUIImageList_AddIcon ($hToolBarImageListNorm, @AutoItExe, 5)
            _GUIImageList_AddIcon ($hToolBarImageListNorm, @AutoItExe, 6)
            _GUIImageList_AddIcon ($hToolBarImageListNorm, "btn_newFile.ico")
            _GUIImageList_AddIcon ($hToolBarImageListNorm, "btn_newFolder.ico")
            _GUIImageList_AddIcon ($hToolBarImageListNorm, "btn_delete.ico")



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