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Item text recognition in SysListView32

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Hi all,

When I open Windows Task Manager (ctrl+alt+del) and go to tab "Users"

I am quite new to autoit and I want to find out how to do this:

I want the program to recognize if there is a user in the "User" column called for example "George". Then the user should be selected and I can write the rest (send message button/log off it doesn't matter). The problem is that I don't know how to "read" the users from the column with autoit (or select any). When I use Finder Tool it can't select me the name of the user, it just selects the whole list control SysListView32. I'll be most happy if anyone can help me with this

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#include <array.au3>; Only for _ArrayDisplay()
$avProcProps = _ProcessListProperties()
_ArrayDisplay($avProcProps, "$avProcProps")
; Function Name:    _ProcessListProperties()
; Description:   Get various properties of a process, or all processes
; Call With:       _ProcessListProperties( [$Process [, $sComputer]] )
; Parameter(s):  (optional) $Process - PID or name of a process, default is all
;          (optional) $sComputer - remote computer to get list from, default is local
; Requirement(s):   AutoIt v3.2.4.9+
; Return Value(s):  On Success - Returns a 2D array of processes, as in ProcessList()
;            with additional columns added:
;            [0][0] - Number of processes listed (can be 0 if no matches found)
;            [1][0] - 1st process name
;            [1][1] - 1st process PID
;            [1][2] - 1st process Parent PID
;            [1][3] - 1st process owner
;            [1][4] - 1st process priority (0 = low, 31 = high)
;            [1][5] - 1st process executable path
;            [1][6] - 1st process CPU usage
;            [1][7] - 1st process memory usage
;            [1][8] - 1st process creation date/time = "MM/DD/YYY hh:mm:ss" (hh = 00 to 23)
;            ...
;            [n][0] thru [n][8] - last process properties
; On Failure:      Returns array with [0][0] = 0 and sets @Error to non-zero (see code below)
; Author(s):        PsaltyDS at
; Date/Version:   05/05/2008  --  v1.0.0
; Notes:            If a numeric PID or string process name is provided and no match is found,
;            then [0][0] = 0 and @error = 0 (not treated as an error, same as ProcessList)
;          This function requires admin permissions to the target computer.
;          All properties come from the Win32_Process class in WMI.
Func _ProcessListProperties($Process = "", $sComputer = ".")
    Local $sUserName, $sMsg, $sUserDomain, $avProcs
    If $Process = "" Then
        $avProcs = ProcessList()
        $avProcs = ProcessList($Process)
   ; Return for no matches
    If $avProcs[0][0] = 0 Then Return $avProcs
   ; ReDim array for additional property columns
    ReDim $avProcs[$avProcs[0][0] + 1][9]
   ; Connect to WMI and get process objects
    $oWMI = ObjGet("winmgmts:{impersonationLevel=impersonate}!" & $sComputer & "rootcimv2")
    If IsObj($oWMI) Then
       ; Get collection of all processes from Win32_Process
        $colProcs = $oWMI.ExecQuery("select * from win32_process")
        If IsObj($colProcs) Then
           ; For each process...
            For $oProc In $colProcs
                $sObjName = ObjName($oProc, 1)
                If @error Then ContinueLoop; Skip if process no longer exists
               ; Find it in the array
                For $n = 1 To $avProcs[0][0]
                    If $avProcs[$n][1] = $oProc.ProcessId Then
                       ; [n][2] = Parent PID
                        $avProcs[$n][2] = $oProc.ParentProcessId
                       ; [n][3] = Owner
                        If $oProc.GetOwner($sUserName, $sUserDomain) = 0 Then $avProcs[$n][3] = $sUserDomain & "" & $sUserName
                       ; [n][4] = Priority
                        $avProcs[$n][4] = $oProc.Priority
                       ; [n][5] = Executable path
                        $avProcs[$n][5] = $oProc.ExecutablePath
                       ; [n][8] = Creation date/time
                        Local $dtmDate = $oProc.CreationDate
                        If $dtmDate <> "" Then
                            $dtmDate = StringMid($dtmDate, 5, 2) & "/" & _
                                    StringMid($dtmDate, 7, 2) & "/" & _
                                    StringLeft($dtmDate, 4) & " " & _
                                    StringMid($dtmDate, 9, 2) & ":" & _
                                    StringMid($dtmDate, 11, 2) & ":" & _
                                    StringMid($dtmDate, 13, 2)
                        $avProcs[$n][8] = $dtmDate
            SetError(2); Error getting process collection from WMI
       ; Get collection of all processes from Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfProc_Process
       ; Have to use an SWbemRefresher to pull the collection, or all Perf data will be zeros
        Local $oRefresher = ObjCreate("WbemScripting.SWbemRefresher")
        $colProcs = $oRefresher.AddEnum($oWMI, "Win32_PerfFormattedData_PerfProc_Process" ).objectSet
       ; Time delay before calling refresher
        Local $iTime = TimerInit()
        Until TimerDiff($iTime) > 100
       ; Get PerfProc data
        For $oProc In $colProcs
           ; Find it in the array
            For $n = 1 To $avProcs[0][0]
                If $avProcs[$n][1] = $oProc.IDProcess Then
                   ; [n][6] = CPU usage
                    $avProcs[$n][6] = $oProc.PercentProcessorTime
                   ; [n][7] = memory usage
                    $avProcs[$n][7] = $oProc.WorkingSet
        SetError(1); Error connecting to WMI
   ; Return array
    Return $avProcs
EndFunc  ;==>_ProcessListProperties

Scripts & functions Organize Includes Let Scite organize the include files

Yahtzee The game "Yahtzee" (Kniffel, DiceLion)

LoginWrapper Secure scripts by adding a query (authentication)

_RunOnlyOnThis UDF Make sure that a script can only be executed on ... (Windows / HD / ...)

Internet-Café Server/Client Application Open CD, Start Browser, Lock remote client, etc.

MultipleFuncsWithOneHotkey Start different funcs by hitting one hotkey different times

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