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(Solved) BitWise op

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Is there any bitwise operation for this...

I have a colour 0x112233 and want to get to 332211?

basically rgb to bgr, and need it to be a number rather than a string via bitwise


I found something in c++

#define RGB2BGR(a_ulColor) (a_ulColor & 0xFF000000) | ((a_ulColor & 0xFF0000) >> 16) | (a_ulColor & 0x00FF00) | ((a_ulColor & 0x0000FF) << 16)

I just don't know anything about bitwise.

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Func _ColorSwitch($color)
    Return BitOr(BitAnd($color, 0xFF000000), BitShift(BitAnd($color, 0x00FF0000), 16), BitAnd($color, 0x0000FF00), BitShift(BitAnd($color, 0xFF), -16))

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You can also try to take advantage of conversion functions:

Func BGRToRGB_OrWhateverThatIs($iColor)
    Return Dec(Hex(BinaryMid($iColor, 1, 3)))
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