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Can't address control in window with blank title.

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I'm trying to automate a drawing-program. I can activate the window and drive it generally. It has one dialogue which has no window title. Dialogue has groups, checkboxes, buttons (all 'Buttons' as seen by AutoIt WindowInfo). I'm trying to look at them and mouseclick them, initially using ControlGetPos but failing, @error = 1. I guess the problem is the blank window title, so how do I address it? Is there a way to use the #32770 to identify the window?

ControlGetPos(<Blank window title or class?>, "", "[CLASS:Static; INSTANCE:11]")

>>>> Window <<<<
Class: #32770
Position: 485, 246
Size: 470, 68
Style: 0x944000C4
ExStyle: 0x00010101
Handle: 0x000D0514

>>>> Control <<<<
Class: Button
Instance: 11
ClassnameNN: Button11
Advanced (Class): [CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:11]
ID: 2610
Text: Discrete
Position: 26, 39
Size: 83, 20
ControlClick Coords: 27, 12
Style: 0x50010000
ExStyle: 0x00000004
Handle: 0x002507FA

And I've tried reading the text from the main window (text looks right), and using that to identify the parent window:

$sText = WinGetText($sTitle, "")
ConFmtWr("WText ~%s~\n", $sText)
ControlGetPos("", $sText, "[CLASS:Static; INSTANCE:11]")
ConFmtWr("CGP %d\n", @error)

I hope someone can help, otherwise I'm going to have to find the window by pixel-searching, and reference all the controls by pre-recorded coordinates (yuk).


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Thanks, that was interesting, "[CLASS:#32770]" is the correct syntax. It must be a very common number, and ControlGetText is pulling some text from some other window that I don't see or recognise the text.


For $iIx = 1 To 10
$sCtrl = StringFormat("[CLASS:Button;INSTANCE:%d]", $iIx)
$sText = ""
$sText = ControlGetText("[CLASS:#32770]", "", $sCtrl)
ConFmtWr("MC %2d ~%s~\n", $iIx, $sText)

MC 1 ~18268(&A)~
MC 2 ~Message~
MC 3 ~&Remove Message~
MC 4 ~Close &Window~
MC 5 ~&Clean File~
MC 6 ~Delete &File~
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