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Get file offset by PE Format data?

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hi mate. today I'm working with PE format and DllStructCreate, I wonder, how cant I get the offset of start section.


Local $IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER = DllStructCreate( _
"CHAR name[8];DWORD virtualsize;DWORD virtualaddress;DWORD sizeofrawdata;DWORD pointertorawdata;DWORD pointertorelocations;"& _
"DWORD pointertolinenumbers;WORD numberofrelocations;WORD numberoflinenumbers;DWORD characteristics",$datos)


I get the seccion name: $1=(DllStructGetData($IMAGE_SECTION_HEADER, "Name")) how could I get the offset posicion of the section.

Sorry for my bad english.

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it's Solved

I make this



;MAGE_NT_HEADERS+valor e_lfanew


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