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icon trouble when compiling

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Hey Gang,

I dabble in alot of things these days... I script stuff that helps me in my work life, it gives me focus and initiative to complete a script. Sometimes I am successfull and want to share my script or leave it on a job site...

eventually I have a small pile of things I want to run on a lets say public machine and all the icons are the generic autoit icon...

I have played with gimp, and other editors, sketchup, whatever and make some pics that I try and try to somehow transform into something that autoit will accept, and magically somehow at times I have been successfull.

What I am seeking is the secret location of guidance that will help me generate some format of icon that will be accepted by whatever autoit I am using that month....

Can someone kindly help with this.

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I'm not entirely sure what your asking. But I use this to force a particular icon during compile.


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Thanks gang,

I have it working now.

Here is what works for me.

I am using Gimp photoeditor to create an image.

I have used the pixel size 64x64 pixels

save the image as a bitmap and when asked flatten any layers so you end up with only 1 layer.

I renamed it to somebmp.bmp to somebmp.ico

I opened it in gimp and just resaved it for good measure, because it now thinks it is an icon type and maybe this helps save it differently/properly whatever.

now when I compile it, I select the icon from the select ... button and it is properly included now.

I hope this helps someone else.


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