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Showing off my FolderMaker Pro clone with extra options


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This is Iconizer:


This program is made to replace the free / pro version of folder maker.
(I bundled a few icon packs with it too).

How it works:

Icons are copied to the selected folder, the folder icon is changed to that icon and the icon inside the folder is made hidden and read-only.
By copying the icon to the folder itself you can now move it to another computer and the icon will stay!
(A new icon will override the old one).

I wrote a little installer for it to add or remove this program from/to the context menu of any folder, harddrives are also accepted:


It runs from the contextmenu but also accepts command-line arguments if you wish.
Just opening it without any parameters wil launch the 'Iconarchive' website.

Let me know what you think, any tips, bugs or nice ideas are welcome :)

I'm not sure if I can upload the icons because they were extracted from the .ICL file of foldermaker..

Kind regards! TheAutomator.

test.bat Icon.ico Iconize.au3 Installer.au3

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