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Retro fullscreen console with custom programming language!


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A fullscreen console with custom commands!



Hi everyone! :)

This funny project started as a question in the help section:


I'd like to share this script with everyone that is interested. :)


Why would I want it?

  • You like the old style fullscreen console (like in the old day's),
  • You can add custom commands,
  • You can customize the font a lot more compared to cmd.exe,
  • You can share ideas or add tweaks to the script.


Still to do:

  • Write a simple custom programming language to implement this tool.
  • Writing a little help file / pdf to describe my little programming language.
  • Add little sound effects like a beep if there is a syntax error (optional).
  • Clean up and modify Console.Au3 content.
  • Add an option to have to type a login password (optional).
  • Make an optional installer that also gives scripts for this tool a custom icon and open with command.
  • ...Call Neo?


Thanks to:

  • xxaviarxx: debugging, some ideas.
  • jguinch: debugging, adding a bunch of tweaks and ideas.
  • kylomas: debugging, new ideas.


Edits and updates:

  • Added usage of tab key in edit control
  • Edit has focus now on startup
  • I'm currently rewriting a simple custom programming language to implement this tool.


UDF downloadConsole.au3


Regards ;)


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  • You can customize the font (unlike cmd.exe)

:think: I don't belive it...


TD ;)

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Cmd.exe has 1 build in raster font and 2 optional ones you can choose of.

if you want to add a font you have to change the registry and you have to be lucky enough to find a raster font that will be accepted by cmd prompt..

(and even that doesn't work on my computer for some reason)

try to add a new font like: westminster.ttf to it and post a screenshot ;)

but ok, technically I should say that you can customize the fonts 'a lot more' then you can with cmd, so I'm gonna change that in my description.

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  • 1 year later...

its nice but please be aware that microsoft made powershell on every windows V7 and further available. 

type ISE in your startmenu / search  box and see an integrated IDE something between IDE/debugwindow/scripting at the same time

this shows the concept for excel.application


suggestion would be to incorporate javascript CHAKRA then you do not have to write a new grammar




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nice see now its a little older thread
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