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If ($A or $B) > $C Confusion

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One last question for today.

I was playing around with syntax and seam to have gotten a little confused on something.


$A = 1
$B = 2

$C = 0
If ($A or $B) > $C Then ConsoleWrite("This works" & @CRLF)

$C = 1
If ($A or $B) > $C Then ConsoleWrite("1 or 2, nether are bigger then 1" & @CRLF)   

$C = 2
If ($A or $B) > $C Then ConsoleWrite("1 isnt but 2 is bigger then 1, This should run" & @CRLF)   

$C = 3
If ($A or $B) > $C Then ConsoleWrite("1 or 2 is not bigger then 3" & @CRLF)

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You need to compare each to $c as you are going

If $a > $c or $b > $c then ...

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($A Or $B ) is expression that evaluates to True or False and can be replaced accordingly to see why is get what's get.

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Seams your right

ConsoleWrite($A or $B)

Does return true. Which then makes the list

if true > 0 then ConsoleWrite("Does run, as true is greater then 0")

if true > 1 then ConsoleWrite("Does not run, because true is equal to one")

Learn something new every day ^^.

I was hoping this idea would of lead to a smipler way of writing the standard If A > C or B > C :( Oh well

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Seams your right

It's "seems" not "seams".

This is the Boolean algebra, the basic computer science. By the operators OR, AND, ... you are making boolean operations.

True equals to "1" and False equals to "0", OR equals to "+" and AND equals to ".".

More here.

NB: every number different from 0 will result to 1.

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