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great title and great post, please use code tags for your code, and the title it is a given that you are asking a question

other then that, welcome to the forums

edit, and what is your question/error message, meaning what do you need help with?

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Your image is not working.

And we need code, not a link ... as was said.

Not a very auspicious start here, and I for one, are very suspicious about your intent, where you offer no description and give such a lame title.

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I apologize for this error
but it only too well my project if you do not believe
is the source
#include <ButtonConstants.au3>
#include <EditConstants.au3>
#include <GUIConstantsEx.au3>
#include <StaticConstants.au3>
#include <WindowsConstants.au3>
#Region ### START Koda GUI section ### Form=c:\program files\project ssh\form1.kxf
$Form1_1 = GUICreate("SSH Tunnel ", 393, 318, 293, 146)
GUISetIcon("C:\Program Files\project SSH\Misc.ico", -1)
$Group1 = GUICtrlCreateGroup("Akun SSH", 8, 64, 201, 153)
GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0x808080)
GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, 0x808080)
$inputhost = GUICtrlCreateInput("inputhost", 104, 80, 97, 21)
$inputpassword = GUICtrlCreateInput("inputpassword", 104, 128, 97, 21)
$labeluser = GUICtrlCreateLabel("User Name", 16, 112, 73, 20)
GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 10, 400, 0, "MS Sans Serif")
GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0xFF0000)
$labelpass = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Password", 16, 136, 64, 20)
GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 10, 400, 0, "MS Sans Serif")
GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0xFF0000)
$inputuser = GUICtrlCreateInput("inputuser", 104, 104, 97, 21)
$inputport = GUICtrlCreateInput("inputport", 104, 152, 33, 21)
$labelport = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Port", 16, 160, 28, 20)
GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 10, 400, 0, "MS Sans Serif")
GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0xFF0000)
$labelhost = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Host", 16, 88, 32, 20)
GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 10, 400, 0, "MS Sans Serif")
GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0xFF0000)
$buttonsimpan = GUICtrlCreateButton("Simpan Profile", 64, 184, 89, 25)
GUICtrlCreateGroup("", -99, -99, 1, 1)
GUICtrlSetState(-1, $GUI_DISABLE)
$Provider = GUICtrlCreateGroup("Provider", 16, 224, 177, 49)
GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0xFF0000)
GUICtrlSetBkColor(-1, 0x808080)
$Buttontelkomsel = GUICtrlCreateButton("Telkomsel", 24, 240, 73, 25)
$Buttonxl = GUICtrlCreateButton("XL", 104, 240, 81, 25)
GUICtrlCreateGroup("", -99, -99, 1, 1)
$login = GUICtrlCreateButton("Sambooke", 8, 280, 57, 33)
$exit = GUICtrlCreateButton("Exit", 136, 280, 57, 33)
$Label5 = GUICtrlCreateLabel("apasajaNet", 16, 16, 167, 41)
GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 24, 400, 0, "MS Sans Serif")
$Pic1 = GUICtrlCreatePic("C:\Program Files\project SSH\image.jpg", 208, -8, 220, 316)
$judul = GUICtrlCreateLabel("ApasajaNet", 24, 0, 168, 52)
GUICtrlSetFont(-1, 28, 400, 0, "Ruach LET")
GUICtrlSetColor(-1, 0xFF0000)
$Label7 = GUICtrlCreateLabel("Label7", 112, 48, 36, 17)
$logout = GUICtrlCreateButton("Logout", 72, 280, 59, 33)
#EndRegion ### END Koda GUI section ###

While 1
    $nMsg = GUIGetMsg()
    Switch $nMsg
        Case $GUI_EVENT_CLOSE

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I asked how that could be stored in the form input profile Bitvise
in the link above I include all the applications that need for this project.
This is the look of the picture
Edited by rtrack
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Just use PuTTY :P

We don't write scripts for you.  Put work in to your project, and if you have a question, ask.  I'm hoping that the image you have used as your background is coincidence and your intentions are good here.  What exactly are your intentions?

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Interesting indeed, like damwilli said why are you creating something that already exists like  Putty/ Hyper Terminal 

Edited by OdinsPath

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