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function not declaring default variable value?

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Hello, I am having a slight problem, do not know if it's an autoit bug or what, but when I try to declare a default value for a function them call it via guictrlsetonevent, the variable is not declared. I have tried pretty much everything I can think of, setting it to default, true, false, numbers, and strings, and it's always the same error.

func _messagego($enckey = "Default")
if not IsDeclared($enckey) Then
$enckey = $activekey



"Y:SIMNetworkingoutgoing.au3" (4) : ==> Variable used without being declared.:

if not IsDeclared($enckey) Then
if not IsDeclared(^ ERROR


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#4 ·  Posted (edited)

func _messagego($enckey)

if not IsDeclared("enckey") Then $enckey = "Default"


so it works

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Functions can contain no parms, required parms or optional parms.  Optional parms can have a default value.   Autoit provides two ways to say that you want the default value, specify a '-1' or DEFAULT (keyword) for the parm in the calling function.  The only tricky part is that all preceding parameters must be specified in the function call.

Run the following to see if this makes more sense.


; function is defined with an optional parameter having a default value of 'test'

func _messagego($enckey = 'test')

    if $enckey = -1 or $enckey = default then $enckey = 'test'      ; <--- enforces value specified in func call if user calls with -1 or "default"

    ConsoleWrite($enckey & @LF)



edit: spelling

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