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Printers Management UDF


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There are two steps to perform the job:
1 - Installing the driver
Two ways :
 - use #RequireAdmin
 - allow non-administrators to install printer drivers. That second way can be done using a group policy like this : How to edit a GPO to edit the Driver Installation policy to allow non-admins to install printers (4225529) (oneidentity.com)

2 - Installing the printer
First, you have do understand what kind of printer you want to install. Is it a local printer or a shared printer ?

If it's a shared printer, it's not necessary to elevalate privileges (so no need of #RequireAdmin).  Just use _PrintMgr_AddWindowsPrinterConnection per user no per computer

If it's a local printer (using a TCP/IP port), you will need to use #RequireAdmin




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