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_EventLog__Read errors

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The purpose of the code will be to check the Security log and look for multiple failed login attempts, then set a firewall rule to block those IP addresses.  _EventLog__Read is not giving the IP address though:




That is problem #1, the other is annoying but I can cope with that one.  Using _EventLog__Count does count the number of log entries correctly, but using $Get=_EventLog__Read($hEventLog, False, False, 1) gives False for $Get[0] and all other elements are null.  Doing $Get=_EventLog__Read($hEventLog, True, False) gives over 2,000,000 on $Get[1].

This is being run on Server 2008 R2 x64, AutoIt (same results uncompiled, compiled x86, compiled x64)

Thoughts on either issue?  Having the number record working properly would be a great help but I can work around it.



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