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XCleaner is a simple tool for deleting temporary files and fixing extension problems.



OS X Yosemite-like UI is not a part of this app. For now.



Moderator note:

Given the report below be very careful if you decide to download and run this - make sure you take sensible precautions.


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I like how it looks, and the code is simple. 

CCleaner tells me there is one thing to clean out of my registry whereas XCleaner tells me there are 453 things. 

Can you have an option to display a list of items that XCleaner plans to delete from the registry?

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I've just made version 1.1.


  • Excluding categories from being cleaned up
  • Showing list of files or registry keys XCleaner wants to delete and selecting which ones we want to clean up.
  • HKCUSoftwareMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionExplorerFileExts key is not scanned now.



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Yeah you definitely shouldn't run it until certain precautions are in place.

Which brings me to this: should you have an option to create a system restore or a registry backup?

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