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Help with some packet capturing

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Hello all,

Today I got bored, and decided to try and make a wireshark imposter in autoit.  I have no idea why I had to do it, I just know I had to.  So I got started, and found the WinPcap UDF for autoit.  I got started with it, but I am having some problems with it, that I cannot figure out.

This code should throw me the string that contains the current data for the devices that WinPcap can listen on:

#include <Winpcap.au3>
#include <Array.au3>

$start = _PcapSetup()
$devices = _PcapGetDeviceList()

MsgBox(0, "Winpcap test", _ArrayToString($devices))

But it returns me a blank array, obviously not the usable driver list.

Could someone help me out here, I am having som trouble lol.

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Why do you think that code should "throw you the string"?

I why do you think it's funny that you are "having som trouble"?

EDIT; There was a winpcap udf on here but I cannot find it any more.

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Why do you think that code should "throw you the string"?

I why do you think it's funny that you are "having som trouble"?

EDIT; There was a winpcap udf on here but I cannot find it any more.

Sorry if I wasn't clear.  Forgive me, english is not my first language.

My problem is simple.  Two functions from the winpcap UDF are not working the way expected by me.

This is the _PcapSetup() function

Func _PcapSetup()   ; return WinPCAP version as full text or -1 if winpcap is not installed, and opens dll
    If Not FileExists(@SystemDir & "\wpcap.dll") Then return -1
    global $Pcap_dll=DllOpen ( @SystemDir & "\wpcap.dll" )
    global $Pcap_errbuf = DLLStructCreate("char[256]")
    Global $Pcap_ptrhdr=0
    Global $Pcap_ptrpkt=0
    Global $Pcap_statV      ; Total volume captured
    Global $Pcap_statN      ; Total number of packets captured
    Global $Pcap_starttime  ; Start time of Capture
    global $Pcap_timebias = (2^32 - RegRead("HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\TimeZoneInformation", "ActiveTimeBias")) * 60
    Local $v = DllCall($Pcap_dll, "str:cdecl", "pcap_lib_version")
    if (@error > 0) Then return -1  
    return $v[0]

This is the _PcapGetDeviceList

Func _PcapGetDeviceList() ; returns 2D array with pcap devices (name;desc;mac;ipv4_addr;ipv4_netmask;ipv4_broadaddr;ipv6_addr;ipv6_netmask;ipv6_broadaddr;flags) or -1 if error
    Local $alldevs=DLLStructCreate("ptr")
    Local $r=DllCall($Pcap_dll, "int:cdecl", "pcap_findalldevs_ex", "str", "rpcap://", "ptr", 0, "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($alldevs), "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($Pcap_errbuf))
    if (@error > 0) Then return -1
    if $r[0]=-1 Then return -1
    Local $next=DllStructGetData($alldevs,1)
    Local $list[1][14]
    Local $i=0;
    while ($next<>0)
        Local $pcap_if = DllStructCreate("ptr next;ptr name;ptr desc;ptr addresses;uint flags",$next)
        Local $len_name = DllCall("kernel32.dll", "int", "lstrlen", "ptr", DllStructGetData($pcap_if,2))  
        Local $len_desc = DllCall("kernel32.dll", "int", "lstrlen", "ptr", DllStructGetData($pcap_if,3))    
        Local $next_addr=DllStructGetData($pcap_if,"addresses")
        ; retrieve mac address
        Local $device=StringTrimLeft($list[$i][0],8)
        Local $snames = DllStructCreate("char Name["&(StringLen($device)+1)&"]")
        Local $handle=DllCall("packet.dll", "ptr:cdecl", "PacketOpenAdapter", "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($snames))  
        If IsPtr($handle[0]) Then
            Local $packetoiddata = DllStructCreate("ulong oid;ulong length;ubyte data[6]")
            DllStructSetData($packetoiddata,1,0x01010102)  ; OID_802_3_CURRENT_ADDRESS
            Local $status=DllCall("packet.dll", "byte:cdecl", "PacketRequest", "ptr", $handle[0],"byte",0,"ptr",DllStructGetPtr($packetoiddata))
            If $status[0] Then
                Local $mac=DllStructGetData($packetoiddata,3)
            Local $nettype = DllStructCreate("uint type;uint64 speed")
            $status=DllCall("packet.dll", "byte:cdecl", "PacketGetNetType", "ptr", $handle[0], "ptr", DllStructGetPtr($nettype)) 
            If $status[0] Then
            DllCall("packet.dll", "none:cdecl", "PacketCloseAdapter", "ptr", $handle[0])
        ; retrieve lintypes
        Local $pcap=_PcapStartCapture($list[$i][0],"host",0,32)
        If IsPtr($pcap) Then
            Local $types=_PcapGetLinkType($pcap)
            If IsArray($types) Then
        ; retrieve ip addresses
        while $next_addr<>0
            Local $pcap_addr = DllStructCreate("ptr next;ptr addr;ptr netmask;ptr broadaddr;ptr dst",$next_addr)            
            Local $j,$addr
            For $j=2 to 4
                If StringLen($addr)>15 Then 
                ElseIf StringLen($addr)>6 Then 
        if $next<>0 Then Redim $list[$i+1][14]  
    DllCall($Pcap_dll, "none:cdecl", "pcap_freealldevs", "ptr", DllStructGetData($alldevs,1))
    return $list

Does this clarify much for you?

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I am also facing same issue while using func PcapGetDeviceList()


#include <Array.au3>
#include <Winpcap.au3>
;Comment: need Winpcap.au3
;Comment: opensource.grisambre.net/pcapau3/
; Comment:Displaying your device list with full information
$winpcap=_PcapSetup()   ; initialize winpcap
$pcap_devices=_PcapGetDeviceList()  ; get devices list
_ArrayDisplay($pcap_devices,"Devices list",-1,1) ; display it
_PcapFree() ;


The outcome is basically showing only one interface data (rather all interfaces) that too in off-format but the expectation is to get all the list of interfaces


Row|Col 0
[1]|Network adapter 'VMware Virtual Ethernet Adapter' on local host



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