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Array of Structures


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hi, Is it possible to create an array of structures

I started yesterday to build a small lexical scanner, I am trying to build my own little toy scripting language that I will share with you all I already done the code that scans a file and breaks it up into tokens, but now I need a way to store this information I know in VB you use something like this, Example

    TokType As Byte
    Token As Variant
End Type

Private Tokens(10) As TTOKEN

Tokens(0).TokType = 1 'cmd
Tokens(1).Token = "DIR"

Tokens(0).TokType = 2 'Num
Tokens(1).Token = 2

Is there a way to do something like this in autoit , My idea was maybe use two arrays one for TokTypes and the other for Tokens, but if there is a better way I also like to try that,

Anyway help will be very kind.


On Error Resume Pulling Hair Out.

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Local $aArray[2]=[DllStructCreate("dword TokType;wchar Token[100]"),DllStructCreate("dword TokType;wchar Token[100]")]



ConsoleWrite($aArray[0].TokType() & "    " & $aArray[0].Token() & @CRLF)
ConsoleWrite($aArray[1].TokType() & "    " & $aArray[1].Token() & @CRLF)


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