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making an image move in GUI?


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I have recently been trying to create movement in a GUI. I've determined through research that I will most likely need to use the GDIplus functions but I've been unable to find much that helps me achieve exactly what I am trying to do.

The idea is to draw an image in a GUI and then make that image move across the GUI based on the user pressing the arrow keys. I can handle the drawing an image to a GUI rather easily but I have yet to be able to successfully make it move despite hours of effort.

I've found some scripts that when executed achieve what I am trying to but I am unable to follow them to find out how they did it or why what they are doing is working because the dev notes are in other languages.

can anyone point me in the direction of any example scripts that may help me out or give me any pointers?

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Both of these work for what I'm trying to do. The first example allows for a bit more what I'm aiming for except I cannot figure out how to make the frame transparent or invisible so the background of the GUI is visible.

All of my attempts have only made the GUI itself invisible or transparent. I Haven't even really been able to change the color of the frame no matter what I changed. I've tried _winapi_setLayeredwindowattributes and _winApi_setbkcolor but neither seem to have the effect I'm searching for.

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