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Set Printing Preferences t osingles sided and Black and White as default


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I have searched and searched but cannot find where these are stored. I have scripts to install printers and can even set on as a default. I have it running silent as well. What I need to be able to do is to set the printer to not print out 2 sided and when it is a color printer have it set to print black and white by default.

Currently I have tried rewriting the driver with manufacture utilities but this causes the driver to no longer be signed. Also, it is acting up in the 32bit OSs. If I can just use the standard drivers from the manufacturer and set the defaults as noted above I would be set. 

Anyone know where these settings are in the registry/file/limbo/morodoor? If not, anyone know what is needed to make it happen in the background?

With time I am sure I can bring up the dialog box, count the tabs and spaces and make it a series of steps that show but I want no user interaction.



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