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Can't get application to Print a File.

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Hello. New here.  I am trying to automate a daily task to print a schedule from a Windows Application called “Calendar Printing Assistant”  The task can’t be run from outlook due to some overlay limitations in Outlook itself.

I’ve gotten the Application to load, become the active window, select the appropriate calendars and templates. I am at a stop at printing and have explored three options and need advice on the best option and how to proceed.  It appears I cannot use WinMenuSelect as it is a toolbar.

Option One. My first option is to send the print shortcut command and I have done that successfully using Send("^p").  The problem is a second window comes up that allows you to change print options or just hit a “Print” button and print but here I can’t seem to find what to do (to simply select Print). I tried AutoIt’s macrorecorder, but the only thing that gets recorded is the actual window –with the following: _WinWaitActivate("Print","")  When I use AutoIts window info, this is what I get with the Print Dialog:

>>>> Window <<<<

Title:    Print

Class:   HwndWrapper[CPAO.EXE;;613004ef-abbf-4d04-a92a-74c17cf08f7d]

Position:          508, 172

Size:     350, 385

Style:   0x16C80000

ExStyle:            0x00000100

Handle:            0x001806EE

>>>> Control <<<<





Advanced (Class):       





ControlClick Coords:  




>>>> Mouse <<<<

Position:          625, 249

Cursor ID:        0

Color:  0x55B5E6

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<

Option Two is to export the file to XPS and then print the XPS file. To export as XPS, I have to access the toolbar. I am unsure of how to do this, but if it were a WinMenuSelect item, the equivalent thing I would try and do is this:

WinMenuSelectItem("[TITLE: Calendar3.calx - Calendar Printing Assistant for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007]", "", "&File", "Pu&blish As XPS...")

But as it is a toolbar I can’t do that. Here are the toolbar info:

>>>> Window <<<<

Title:    Calendar3.calx - Calendar Printing Assistant for Microsoft Office Outlook 2007

Class:   Framework::CFrame

Position:          145, 0

Size:     1044, 788

Style:   0x16CF0000

ExStyle:            0x00000100

Handle:            0x00080C58

>>>> Control <<<<

Class:   MsoCommandBar

Instance:          3

ClassnameNN: MsoCommandBar3


Advanced (Class):        [CLASS:MsoCommandBar; INSTANCE:3]


Text:    Menu Bar

Position:          0, 0

Size:     1028, 25

ControlClick Coords:   162, 18

Style:   0x56000000

ExStyle:            0x00000000

Handle:            0x001C00F4

>>>> Mouse <<<<

Position:          315, 48

Cursor ID:        0

Color:  0xBFDBFF

>>>> StatusBar <<<<

>>>> ToolsBar <<<<

>>>> Visible Text <<<<


Calendar Bar

Calendar Bar



Menu Bar

>>>> Hidden Text <<<<





Any thoughts on what I can do?  I am good with working with either option or a third option, whatever is the easiest, cleanest and most reliable. I am not a programmer, but did look briefly at a COM option, but I don’t see a COM reference for this application and not sure if that would actually be any easier for me.

Thanks in advance for any thoughts. 

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Sorry if I'm wrong or if you have already tried this, but can't you just send Enter to have it print?  Since it is automated, I assume that a less-than-technically-perfect solution would work fine:


The sleep is what is not so technical - don't bother trying to find out what the print window is called, just wait for it and send an Enter.  Should do fine, I've done something like this in the past as well.


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