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Hi, everybody!

i'm trying to make a math worksheet generator for kids, but i need it in this format:




and generate a PDF file with the math problems....

i know how to generate a problems, but idk how to 'format' this

anyone have a ideia how to make this?


Thanks a lot.


p.s: Here is my sum generator code:

Func _Sum_Generator($iMin, $iMax, $iProblems = 100, $iMaxAddends = 2, $bRandomAddends = True, $bUseDecimal = False, $bUseNegative = False)
    Local $aGenerated[$iProblems][2]

    If $iMaxAddends < 2 Then $iMaxAddends = 2

    For $i = 0 To $iProblems -1
        $aGenerated[$i][1] = 0
        $iAddends = $iMaxAddends -1

        If ($bRandomAddends And $iMaxAddends > 2) Then $iAddends = Random(2, $iMaxAddends, 1) -1

        For $j = 0 To $iAddends
            Local $iOnlyInt = 1, $Negative = 0
            If $bUseDecimal Then $iOnlyInt = Random(0,1,1)
            If $bUseNegative Then $Negative = Random(0,1,1)
            Local $iRandom =  Round(Random($iMin, $iMax, $iOnlyInt), 2)
            If $Negative Then $iRandom *= -1

            If $j = $iAddends Then
                $aGenerated[$i][0] &=  String($iRandom) & " = "
                $aGenerated[$i][0] &=  String($iRandom) & " + "
            $aGenerated[$i][1] += $iRandom


    Return $aGenerated
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Why not look at the built in Word features in the help file? Word allows you numerous formatting styles, almost all of which you can control via your script. Then when you're done, you can use the Office engine to save as a PDF (or print to PDF if you have a PDF printer installed).

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Here is an example that I got to work:

#include <Word.au3>

$oWord=_Word_Create ( )

Dim $objRange; As Range
Dim $objEq; As OMath

$objRange = $oWord.Selection.Range
$objRange.Text = "Celsius = (5/9)(Fahrenheit – 32)"
$objRange = $oWord.Selection.OMaths.Add($objRange)
$objEq = $objRange.OMaths(1)

I adopted it from this page.  It is a very cool interface - I did not realize you could do that.

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