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remove line from array if it contains .vss

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Best thing to do is check how your array is populated and avoid putting the data in it.

Checkout stringregexp in a "for loop". It is in the help file.

For the array you can use _ArrayDelete

Agreed, but I imagine StringInStr will be quicker, or even StringRight.

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This one should be faster, with only one redim :

Local $aList[10] = ["file1.txt", "file2.pdf", "file3.png", "file4.jpg", "file5.doc", "file6.png", "file7.rtf", "file8.png", "file9.zip", "file10.xlsx"]

Local $iIndex = 0
For $i = 0 To UBound($aList) - 1
    If StringRight($aList[$i], 4) <> ".png" Then
        $aList[$iIndex] = $aList[$i]
        $iIndex += 1

Redim $aList[$iIndex]
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