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Process Close not working on Win 2008.?

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Guys, I really need your help. I am having a problem on the "processclose" on Windows 2008 R2.

The code below is working great on Windows 7 but not on the Windows 2008

Basically, the extract.exe is open or run by cmd.exe, after certain period of time the extract.exe will exit (automatically), then after 5sec the cmd will exit, followed by a message " File extracted" which will  close after 5sec..

$PID_Check=ProcessWaitClose("extract.exe"); Pause script execution until the given process does not exist
     if $PID_Check = 1 Then ;1= not exist
        MsgBox(0, "", "File extracted",5); message box will close after 5sec

I can't figure out what the problem is, I tried on Window 7 but no problems. I'm on domain and I'm using the same username and I able to run the code..

Is there any other code I can use to close the cmd exe. if the cmd.exe did not close, on the next run it will not execute the extract.exe since the cmd.exe is still running. This is unattended run using task scheduler.

Thank you very much.

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Is the command prompt an admin session on one of the?

Hi JohnOne, sorry didn't get what you mean. but I'm using a user with admin rights.


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