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My compiled script wont unpause.

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Hi, all i've wrote a script that makes shift+n create a new folder but now that i have compiled it it won unpause. 

I've tried clicking it in the taskbar and i cant unpause it here is my code.

AutoItSetOption("WinTitleMatchMode", 4)
#include <MsgBoxConstants.au3>
;Set hot key to winkey and n and call new folder function
Local $folder = "\New Folder"
HotKeySet("+n", "NewFolder")

;infinite loop
While 1

;new folder function
Func NewFolder()
   ;check to see if explorer is active window.
    If WinActive("classname=ExploreWClass") _
        Or WinActive("classname=CabinetWClass") Then
         Local $hWnd = WinGetHandle("[ACTIVE]","")
         Local $dirUnTrim = ControlGetText($hWnd,"", "ToolbarWindow322")
         Local $dir = StringTrimLeft( $dirUnTrim, 9)
         Local $initdirpath = $dir & $folder

         If FileExists($initdirpath) Then
            Local $dirpathnew = StringRight($initdirpath, 2)
            Local $a = StringTrimRight($dirpathnew, 1)
            Local $a1 = $a + 1
            Local $a2 = "(" & $a1 & ")"
            $folder = "\New Folder" & $a2
            $dirpath = $dir & $folder
            $dirpath = $dir & "\New Folder"

Im not quite sure what to do and dont know why it wont let me unpause.

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oh right sorry when you click it in the task bar it shows a little icon where it flashes between a red x and the icon the when you right click the icon it has a little dropdown menu and it says unpause script but it wont let me click it.


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What you are after, is a resume ability, that I don't think AutoIt has ever had.

Your only option in this instance, is Exit.

If you want Pause and Resume, you need to code them yourself.

That said, you could probably benefit from checking out my New Folders program.

Or if all you want is to create a new folder whenever you click SHIFT+N (or somesuch) (I use CTRL+ALT+F)

then just create a shortcut to your program and assign the appropriate Hotkey there (it can be coded for too).

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