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WinExists with timeout

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I read around a bit (not much, helpfile and a quick google search and forum search here), sorry if this has been asked before.

I have a code snippet I wrote:

$Wait = WinExists($TopUpName & ".pdf - Adobe Reader", "", 5)
    If $Wait = 0 Then
       MsgBox(0, "Title", "Nem találtam")
       WinClose($TopUpName & ".pdf - Adobe Reader", "")
       MsgBox(0, "Title", "Megtaláltam, szar vagyok és nem zárom be")

Before I used winwaitactive, but I realized that somehow the pdf wasn't neceserry active after it has been opened, so I changed it to WinExists. I saw that there are only 2 parameters for winexists, but when I tried to run it just for the hell of it, It run down without an error. (MsgBox are there just for me too see whats happening)

My question is, whats happening? Does Autoit just skip the last parameter? Is this works as a timeout ? (I doubt that), is there a way to give time out for WinExists? (I'm sure there is) How? :)

Thank you for your time!

Edit:Quick edit for a grammar mistake

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OK, I see, and am unsure of the answer, unless it's been discussed before only a code dev would know that.

I too would have expected it to give a "wrong number of parameters" error.

There are a few possible answers, but they'd all be guesses from someone who does not have access to the AutoIt3 source code.

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I got the same results as J1.

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