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Slow mouseclick/mousemove

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Hi, i hope this is an appropriate section to ask in but what is wrong with my code, even when i put the speed to 1 it takes a good 4-5 seconds before it actually moves.

Here is the code

Func Start()
    $Search = _ImageSearchArea('PauseMusic.png',1,0,0,1920,1080,$X,$Y,150)
    If $Search = 1 Then
        MouseClick("Left", $X, $Y, 1)

Could someone help me find the documentation or example on how to search for multiple images such as play music and volume but in order?

I'm a beginner

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Probably because your searching in whole screen. try search in a little area. If you have you windows you probably know that the button you want to press is between 400,500 and 500,600 that will make the search faster.



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