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[Solved] Escaping Quote Character

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Heya AutoIt Community,

I'm sure this has been posted tons of times before, and I googled & forum'd it and found relevant topics, but none of these fixes apply to my particular code for some reason.

What I have right now:

ShellExecute("""" & $sProgramPath & """" & " !LoadLayout " & """" & $sLayout2 & """")

What I want to happen:

"C:\Program Files\Program\Program.exe" !LoadLayout "Working"

What actually happens:

Windows cannot find 'C:\Program Files\Program\Program.exe" !LoadLayout "Gaming'. Make sure you typed the name correctly, and then try again.

Of course the path is wrong because it has the wrong quotation marks!

I've used several methods trying to get normal quotes to appear in the programpath, like "", """" and even chr(34), but they all just return the above faulty @error message. How do I get it to look like what I want to happen?

Many Thanks in Advance,

~Admiral Medallyon

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You should show all your code, I'm having trouble trying to figure out the word "Working" was transformed in to the word "Gaming".

$sLayout is an input from the user. It can be anything.

And where the single quotes magically appeared from.

That's why I posted this thread. I want to have it in the form

"C:\Program Files\Program\Program.exe" !LoadLayout "Working"

but it comes out as

'C:\Program Files\Program\Program.exe" !LoadLayout "Gaming'

because I cannot figure out the quotation. I was looking for help as to why my "s turned into 's.

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