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I think the title is pretty self explanatory, I have created a .gif that i want to use as my GUI background but when i put it in, the GUI just see's it as a picture and it sits still.

+ Also how do I make a picture transparent so it the white is Transparent?


Thanks in advance


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i think it's be helpful ...


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      After an update installation to Win 10 V.1607 (64bit) I have noticed that help does not show formatted properly anymore e.g. with Images missing, tables, headers, sample code mal formatted etc.

      However, if AutoIt3Help.exe is run as Administrator everything works fine.

      I have already uninstalled AutoIt and SciTE for AutoIt and reinstalled both in the latest version.  I have used default locations for the installation under:

      C:\Program Files (x86)\AutoIt3\...
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      I need to find a way to after x amount of seconds set the Autoit gui's ComboBox to next option available, and if it reaches the end of the list start back at beginning. This way I can cycle through checking if users are connected to a network. The combo is populated via a recursive file search that contains folders with each connected user's username. The ComboBox will contain something like " username\config " for every connected user. So I need to make so it cycles through constantly every X seconds I have the gui functioning, and all that I just can't get this one part to work.

      TL:DR - How do I make so an AutoIt GUI ComboBox will cycle through all of its options every X seconds, and when it reaches bottom of options cycle back to top and continue the process again.

      Thanks! I can't post any code due to NDA sorry...
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      I honestly didn't try anything yet.
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      Hey guys!
      I need your help again. So I am working on a Project with which I can Logoff a User in a Terminal-Server (Windows Server 2012 R2), logged in as Admin. Then backup the users partition and log him back in. Sounds pretty easy for you guys, right? So my problem is... I seem to not be able to get the User ID. You can see and display the ID in a textfile with:
      Run("query user>>c:\users\example\desktop\helpmeguys.txt") This line just writes a textfile of "query user" on the desktop. This is an example on what it looks like:
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      What I need right now is the ID. Any Idea on how to read it off of the Textfile?
      Please give me examples because I am still a rookie!
      With kind regards
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      I can't seem to get this to work properly with the ksl classifieds website. It needs to select the second category for when you are posting an ad on the classifieds, however i can't seem to get it to select the second category, however it selects the first one just fine... "I can't post full code due to privacy nda issues..." I will answer any questions you have for any unclear parts as best as I can... Thanks!
      $tab = 0 $imUploadCount = 0 _IENavigate($ksl, "https://www.ksl.com/?nid=1126") _IELoadWait($ksl, 5) Sleep(10000) ;Set category! Local $cat = _IEGetObjById($ksl, 'cat') _IEFormElementOptionSelect($cat, $Category, 1, "byText") Sleep(10000) ;Set subcategory! Local $subcat = _IEGetObjById($ksl, 'subcat') _IEFormElementOptionSelect($subcat, $Subcategory, 1, "byText") Sleep(10000) ;Time to submit the form! Local $oIEButton_go = _IEGetObjById($ksl, 'go') _IEAction($oIEButton_go, 'click') _IELoadWait($ksl, 10) Sleep(5000) It reads the $Category & $Subcategory for a .ini file that a gui has configured based off of user selections... "drop down lists with available categories that I manually saved to a .ini" I have checked the spelling of the categories and they are all spelled correctly the categories I am testing with is FREE and FREE (items only, no businesses)