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How to switch between 2 application that has the same name

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Hello Guys

i have an issue to auto change between 2 same Tasks that has the same name

is there a way how to change the name of one of the running application

or is there a unique identification for each Task(application) running

or if any one knows a script 2 run this 2 tasks one after the other

just as an example

this is my running script:


Thank you in advance for your help

My Best Regards


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You can use WinList() to see all current windows with title and handle.
Like jguinch already stated, the handle would be an unique identifier and can be used with WinSetTitle to change the window title.

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can any one share with me the script please


sorry i dont understand much in scripting but im trying to understand i just could not see what you mean by using WinList or WinGetHandle


i would appreciate you efforts guys


Thxx a lot



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Study the Help file entry for WinList, where you use that to get a list of all current windows running (many will be hidden ones used by the system). You then filter that list, so that only windows with Mozilla Firefox: IBM Edition are returned. Then use WinGetHandle on those to get a unique ID for each.

Basically, as you loop through the window titles, you test for the title text you are after in the window name. Assign each found to its own unique variable, then use that for your handle call, etc.

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; Example will switch between all windows in list
Func Example()
    Local $aWinList = WinList("New Tab - Mozilla Firefox: IBM Edition") ; include title of window

    For $i = 1 To $aWinList[0][0] ; loop through all windows with that title
        WinActivate($aWinList[$i][1]) ; Activate a window
        Sleep(2000) ; Wait 2 seconds
EndFunc   ;==>Example

You should be able to get started from that, post your efforts with any further questions.

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