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Adobe aerender check if finshed

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How do I check if there is no process left in my commando line when I use aerender.
Basic code looks like this:

aerender -project c:\projects\project_1.aep -comp "Composition_1" -output c :\output\project_1\project_1.avi
After this code is written aerender goes through every image to create the avi, depending to the amount of images this takes quiet a while.

Is it possible to check in Autoit if there are no running processes left in the command line or if aerender fully finished?

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Look at what the process for aerender is, then do something like this:

While ProcessExists(<process>)


Edit: Welcome to the forum, btw.

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HI and thank you, thanks for the help so if I do this:

      While ProcessExists("cmd.exe")

So process is never ending or it keeps looping.

What excatly is meant by process the command line itself or the execution in it?

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That code is saying simply, As long as the process cmd.exe exists, sleep 100 milliseconds. If you want to wait for aerender to finish, you need to look in the task manager at what process spawns when you call your project.

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Ah now I get it a little the process's name is aerender.exe.
So I will try this now:
      While ProcessExists("aerender.exe")

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