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Looking for reference material to learn more about windows scripting

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I must have put question in at least 2 other posts of mine, but the topic didn't really reflect the question, so it is no wonder they went unanswered.  Anyway, I am an average-above average coder who is looking for general reference material to increase my understanding and proficiency in relation to writing scripts and software for a windows environment.  And before anyone even goes there, I am aware that microsoft has a vast knowledge base full of information, but that is also its weakness: it is so massive that it is disjointed and has no real organization, making it a poor general learning tool but great when looking up specific concepts and terms.  Furthermore, it is written with experienced programmers as the target audience, which I am not.  There doesn't seem to be any software development reference material i can find which isn't geared towards idiots or experts.  Looking for a nice middle ground, if anybody has any suggestions.

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Your question seems a little too broad akin to asking how do I learn something?

Pick an explicit goal to achieve through windows scripting, and through your pursuance of it, you gain some of the general scripting knowledge you seek. Then do it again.

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There is some books related to windows scripting but i think they all related to a system admin controlling all systems. None of them telling any word related to "You control your computer only". For example "Windows Admin Scripting Little Black Book 2nd Ed 2004 "

My Contributions

UDF Link Viewer   --- A tool to visit the links of some most important UDFs 

 Includer_2  ----- A tool to type the #include statement automatically 

 Digits To Date  ----- date from 3 integer values

PrintList ----- prints arrays into console for testing.

 Alert  ------ An alternative for MsgBox 

 MousePosition ------- A simple tooltip display of mouse position

GRM Helper -------- A littile tool to help writing code with GUIRegisterMsg function

Access_UDF  -------- An UDF for working with access database files. (.*accdb only)


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