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2d Array to HTML table

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I am trying to take an array and feed this into the body of an email which I am building up ready to be sent out. I have seen some examples in the forum but is usually taking html to array etc the other way round.  

I have the email includes I need to generate the email just struggling to see an easy way of generating a table from an array.

Any ideas or examples of anyone doing something similar.  I will start working on writing the html code from scratch if there is noting out in the forum.


Many thanks


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Just loop through your array (use a for loop within a for loop) and construct a string.  Add the prefix of the <tr> prior to entering the inner for loop, </tr> after exiting the inner for loop, <td> before outputting the inner for loop...etc etc...outside of both loops, add in the <table> </table>.  Give it a go.  You can get tricky and add a header <th> on the first inner loop.

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I wrote this just for fun.

#include <Array.au3>

Local $aArray[4][4]

For $f = 0 To 3
    For $c = 0 To 3
        $aArray[$f][$c] = "$aArray[" & $f & "][" & $c & "]"


Local $sHtmlTable = _CreateTableFrom2DArray($aArray)

FileWrite("TestTable.html", $sHtmlTable)


Func _CreateTableFrom2DArray($aArray)
    Local $sTable = '<table border="1">' & @CRLF
    For $f = 0 To UBound($aArray, 1) - 1
        $sTable &= '<tr>' & @CRLF
        For $c = 0 To UBound($aArray, 2) - 1
            $sTable &= '<td>'
            $sTable &= $aArray[$f][$c]
            ConsoleWrite($aArray[$f][$c] & @TAB)
            $sTable &= '</td>' & @CRLF
        $sTable &= '</tr>' & @CRLF
    $sTable &= '</table>'
    Return $sTable
EndFunc   ;==>_CreateTableFrom2DArray

I also found this over the forum 



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Thanks all

jdelaney: That is exactly what i was planning to start writing if there was no now udf`s already in use for this purpose.  

Danyfirex: Impressive speed on what would have took be half a day to write something similar.


I will post back what I come up with as my final email body with decent formatting etc so the table looks a bit prettier.

Many thanks for your time and help.  




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