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Problems with DirMove

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I want to move the content of D:\downloads to D:\pictures in my program. I found DirMove, but that causes problems...

Func Move($dest)

   DirMove("D:\downloads\", "D:\pictures\ABC\" & $dest)


In a prior program exactly this piece of code did the job always properly, but now not anymore. The source path stays untouched, and a destination folder is created but empty.

I don't have a clue why it doesn't work anymore now. I've checked it dozens of times, read the article about DirMove, tried it with dozens of different combinations, but none lead to the result. I want the content of D:\downloads in D:\pictures\ABC without having another downloads folder within the destination folder or anything else... Thanks!

D:\downloads\cute_kitten.jpg should be D:\pictures\ABC\cute_kitten.jpg afterwards.

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You are not supposed to use a trailing backslash "Path of the source directory (with no trailing backslash)."  You use trailing backslashes in the source and destination.

Also, why are you creating the source directory after the move?  "The destination directory must already exist, except using with flag value $FC_CREATEPATH (8)."

What is in the variable $dest?

Could you post all your code? 

I would also suggest error checking.  Write your full path with the $dest variable to the console to see what it looks like.

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