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Please guide code update

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Hello friends
I have one problem or need your help as follows:
I have 1 Power Point files and sharing for many others, the problem is that this file should be modified constantly very inconvenient if everyone keeps talking old fie delete and re-download another file, although very small change
I have one idea is as follows:
- Making and sharing AutoIt 1 tool for everyone. When opening up the tool, it will search the default folder (eg My Documents). If your Power Point files can then open the file up always. If not, it will download.
- Before opening the power point file, it will check the update. If a new version, it will show the update message
- If no updates it will open the file normally
- If no Microsoft Power Point, it is also informed
We hope you help me on this issue, you can give yourself a few hints, 1 code or similar tool to its first self-learning. Thank you

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I think I may actually be able to translate this ...

I think he wants an exe that will be used to distribute a PPT.  You run the AutoIt program and the first thing it does is to check to see if your PPT is the current version.  If so, opens it up.  If not, if downloads the latest version, informs the user, and then opens that one up.  If there is no PPT in the folder that it is checking it throws an error saying there was no PPT.  Likewise, if the user does not have PowerPoint installed they also get an error.

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