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PDF Save Dialog Box Stop working

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Hi there

We have a legacy app that utilising this AutoIt/Selenium for automating the web app that have. It's been running well since 2010 late 2014. We stoped a bit on this. Then start again this year.

We have an issue on one of the step which is relating on PDF Save Dialog Box Stop working - basically it won't click to Save button for some reason. We pin point this and we believe it stop at lib.AU3_Send("!S",0); ... line 7 below.

Any ideas?


public void SaveDialogueBox(String filePath, String firstName, String lastName) {
        lib.AU3_WinWaitActive("File Download", "", 10);
        lib.AU3_WinActivate("File Download", "");

        // Debug: VV - swap
        // lib.AU3_ControlClick("File Download", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:2]","",1, 1, 1);
        lib.AU3_Send("!S", 0);

        lib.AU3_WinWaitActive("Save As", "", 10);
        lib.AU3_Send(filePath + firstName + " " + lastName, 1);
        if (reader.getWindowVersion().equals("Windows Vista or Windows 7")) 
            //lib.AU3_ControlClick("Save As", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:1]","",1, 1, 1);
            lib.AU3_Send("!S", 0);
            lib.AU3_ControlClick("Save As", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:2]","",1, 1, 1);
        lib.AU3_WinWaitActive("Download complete", "", 10);
        lib.AU3_ControlClick("Download complete", "", "[CLASS:Button; INSTANCE:4]","",1, 1, 1);
        lib.AU3_WinActivate("[REGEXPTITLE:.*EUC .*]", "");



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