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how to send text?

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hello im trying to automate random greetings word from .txt file  and write/send some strings but it gives me error

please be gentle to me im kinda newbie thank you

$File = FileReadToArray("words.txt")
$RandomWords = $File[Random(0, UBound($File) - 1, 1)]

send ("$RandomWords")
sleep (1000)
send ("{enter}")


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where is your desired target for the text to be sent to?

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15 hours ago, genius257 said:

where is your desired target for the text to be sent to?

for emails word.txt file contain some hello,hi, dear. and bunch of shortcut greetings

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15 hours ago, JLogan3o13 said:

@darkangel37, remove the quotes in your send line. When referencing a variable, do not put quotes around it.

what should i put? sorry im kinda newbie here

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Okay so here's an idea, because currently as soon as you launch the application, the text will be sent.

Press the + key (not numpad) to send to current active window

HotKeySet("{+}", "_Send")

$File = FileReadToArray("words.txt")

While 1

Func _Send()
    $RandomWords = $File[Random(0, UBound($File) - 1, 1)]

Just close the application by clicking the tray icon and choosing exit

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