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getting text out of Window Control

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Hallo boyzz and girlzz if here are such,

my name is Sim (Maxim Shubin in passport) and I have been among u for already very long time.

But as in the most of cases I didn't say anything, even no thanks to makers for this software.

A little long piece of crap moral:


Software even while I soon enough realised how funny for free anything on internet is, nevertheless!

To be able to program and not just few lines of Good Bye World nasty Copy-Paste habit

but something what does useful stuff is not same as making some noisy, smelly fart in the bathroom! 

Whatever - from small time calculator whole way up to so called AI is 2 and whole way of molesting your

brain to push it think, do and behave logical. Something without what AI cannot emerge though something

what every a bit programmer clearly knows - AI's Intelligence is only as great as programmer is capable to foresee, 

predict any possible situation where 1 or another decision needs to be made.

Something what for computer on it's own never was, is or ever become possible to make it, cases with something in

concept new and not defined beforehand what, when and how to deal with it computer always get stuck.

The only so called unpredictableness of computer is build around random principle. So here is thus

my second question if someone maybe knows an easy-funny lazy explanation how actually random

function works and why it is so unpredictable.

My main question is about program called VoipConnect which is the white label version of VOIP

call and sms application by SIP.

I am breaking my head for longer then a year already but something giant in computer code working

I still miss. In particular Windows API Calls. So right now I have managed almost everything hooked up

to autoit mastership except 1 very important part of the process - to read out text from main Window

application Control which represents call flow information by text and sound.

Here are few screenshots to clarify the exact point I am stuck on.

  1.  automating the prograPp main window 


  2. on this ActiveCallListCtrl tab, during the call gets it's flow on reported 


  3.  so it looks like when call just finished & is the problema - to get mO then only Custom1 text e.g. Call Ended 


I also include zipped folder with voipconnect.exe program itself + EXE Explorer text report on examining this app.





And last, of course if u trust me just as much as I do completely in other words u can too download program yourself

from the source on:


And final very last detail to add: I kinda not much expect any help or reaction and that was I have been developing out

myself that ugly piece of Feelings Oriented Binary Madness of functional interfacing between Back and Frond Started-Up 2 End Once Down points.....

Oh my... never mind...

That was me 

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make sure if the controls are windows common controls otherwise you will need to use this



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In reply to Danyfirex:

make sure if the controls are windows common controls otherwise you will need to use this

Well, thanks for reacting, but I have definitely lots of wholes in my knowledge how to program.

So I will maybe therefore ask questions which may sound very so obvious to most of u still 

my approach in learning things is by doing them exact at the moment I kinda can enjoy some

additional feature, option, awareness and so on.

Anyway, how do I determine in any average case if the programs controls are as you call them:

windows common controls or something else?

Can I look it somewhere up and which direction then I would go by e.g. windows common controls

and where would I have to look if it turned not "windows common controls"?

In this case of VoipConnect I...

You know what? I go to eat and to the shop for tabac and when back I will make short 1 minute

video clip to get exact told to you, my big undiscoverd community buddy's, what I already have

reached and what I yet want to accomplish...

Thanks for reaction anyway...


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