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ControlSend and sluggish software

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Hello everyone,

I have a script that is automating a piece of sluggish software.  I want to automate it with a bit of caution and I am not sure the best way to do it.  ControlSend works great most of the time.  If I have it enter 10 into a text box every once in a while it will enter 1 or 11 and then hit enter.

To overcome this I use MouseClick to select the text I just entered and then see if it matches the string it was supposed to put in before it hits enter.  This seems to work but what I love about ControlSend is there is less room for human interaction messing it up.  

Yes I could block input but I prefer not to do that (permissions).

Is there a better way of doing this?  Any Help would be much appreciated.

Anyway here is the snippet of the script in question:

Func KVSend ()
   WinActivate ( "Window", "" )
   Local $WindowPos = WinGetPos("Window", "")
   If $kV < 30 Then
         WinActivate ( "Window", "" )
         ControlClick ("Window", "", 1001) ;Click in Accel Voltage box
         Sleep (100)
         ControlSend ("Window", "", 1001, $kV) ; \ kV
         Sleep (100)
         Send ("^c")
         Local $clip = ClipGet ()

         If $clip = $kV Then
            ControlSend ("Window", "", 1001, "{ENTER}") ;Hit ENTER if value is correct
            Sleep (100)
            ControlClick ("Window", "", 1518) ;Lens Clear
            Send ("{BACKSPACE}")
            KVSend() ; If value is incorrect try again


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Have you tried to get the current value with ControlGetText() and compare that?

edit: Something like this:

Func KVSend()
    WinActivate("Window", "")
    Local $WindowPos = WinGetPos("Window", "")
    If $kV < 30 Then
        WinActivate("Window", "")
        While $kv <> ControlGetText("Window", "", 1001)
            ControlSend("Window", "", 1001, $kV) ; \ kV
        ControlSend("Window", "", 1001, "{ENTER}") ;Hit ENTER if value is correct
        ControlClick("Window", "", 1518) ;Lens Clear
EndFunc   ;==>KVSend


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I thought I had tried ControlGetText and failed.  I thought it gave me the old value and not the new value written in.  I must have done something wrong before.  Thanks for the help!

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Hey big thanks again the way you suggested works quite well! I had to add in a line to clear the value first before entering otherwise if you somehow messed it up it would never get out of the loop but you were a very big help thanks!!!!!!

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