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_ArraySort gives ByRef Error

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I'm trying to write a function that takes a 2D Array and a certain Index to calculate a median of that index

Func _ArrayMedian ($vaArray, $viIndex)
    ; Returns the median of the column of data asked for
    ; Assumes Array sends array dimentions in [0][0] = Rows [0][1] = Columns
    Local $X                                            ; Counter
    Local $vsSum                                        ; Sum of data
    _ArraySort(0, 0, 1, $viIndex)                   ; Sort Array by the index
    If $vaArray[0][0] = 0 Then                          ; Array empty
        Return 0
    ElseIf Mod($vaArray[0][0], 2) = 0 Then                  ; Array has even number
        Return ($vaArray[int(($vaArray[0][0] / 2))][$viIndex] + $vaArray[int($vaArray[0][0] / 2) + 1]][$viIndex) / 2
    Else                                                ; Array has odd number
        Return $vaArray[int($vaArray[0][0] / 2) + 1][$viIndex]

When I do a Syntex check  I get the error

"error: _ArraySort() called with Const or expression on ByRef-param(s)" when I call the _ArraySort() function.

I guess I don't understand what ByRef means so have no idea how to pass my $viIndex value through the function so it looks at the right column. Anyone able to educate me on this?



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WOW, I feel like a moron now.  Looked at that for an hour.  Always good to have a second set of eyes.



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