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How to navigate fron Xen Desktop to our Local System

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I tried (using AutoIt) to automate a scenario where i  have to open IE with specific URL on my extranet(Xen Desktop or Citrix ) ,from there i need to download  file and then through WinSCP; I  have to move that file to another location that can be access from my Local system using VMWare.

I did as far as the above step. Now i want to navigate from my extranet to my local desktop system. But i am not able to move  from there.Mouse click is also not working.Please find the below screenshot highlighted in YELLOW.




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I'm assuming you are running your script from inside the citrix desktop?  if so, that drop down and home are not visible to the client itself.  you would have to have the autoIT script running on your local system to click those.

I have a few scripts that run between Citrix and local systems and I use an .ini file on a network share that is updated when the Citrix desktop script is finished so the local system script knows when to take over.


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Yes, Inside citrix desktop I am running the script.can you share the script just for a hint.

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My Citrix scripts are rather complicated and use too much internal Company stuff to share but here is a quick overview.

Main app is run from local desktop
  Create/update an ini file on a network share to flip a flag to say it needs to run, and identify what to run.
  Launch a specific Published Desktop where I have login scripts enabled, 2 ways to do this.
    1.  Use _IECreate to access your Citrix site then _IE.. stuff to login, and click the one you want
    2.  Use registry to find the one you want and launch via command line.
  Loop, checking every xxx seconds until the .ini flag switches to finished.

Citrix desktop Startup Script  this was the hardest for me to get as it required some admin config to allow
  Read the .ini file on the network share
    if the flag is not set, then exit as this was started for a different reason.
    if the flag IS set then launch the app identfied in the .ini "this way I can use this 1 launcher for many other things"

The actual script
  Perform the actions you want, get any script specific settings needed from the .ini
  once finished, mark the the .ini as finished

Main App picks up again
  You can now, gather log files, or whatever else you need to do, like close or minimize Citrix.



Here is some code on how to launch a Citrix item.  Not sure if it will work in your environment as it was rather complicated to figure out.

#include <File.au3> ;Needed for the _PathSplit

;Get the Citrix MachineID
    $sMachineID = RegRead("HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Citrix\Dazzle", "CurrentAccount")         ;CompanyID-123456  This is the pointer needed for other steps
    If @error Then
        MsgBox(0, "Citrix", "Unable to identify this machine Citrix ID")

    $sAppID = "@@DesktopName v1 $MoreStuff"                                                     ;This is the @@ Name for the item we want which will be appended to the $sMachineID
    $sCitrixRegPath = "Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\"                    ;Each Citrix item will be in a sub folder \$sMachineID & $sAppID

;Piece stuff together to get the Launch string for the item we want to start
    $sLaunchString = RegRead("HKCU\" & $sCitrixRegPath & $sMachineID & $sAppID, "LaunchString") ;Get the full string to pass to the .exe to launch
    $sCitrixApp = RegRead("HKCU\" & $sCitrixRegPath & $sMachineID & $sAppID, "ShortcutTarget")  ;Get the location of the SelfService.exe that launches Citrix

;Split out the full path to the SelfService.exe to use as the Working Directory
    Local $sDrive, $sDir, $sFile, $sExt
    $aPath = _PathSplit($sCitrixApp, $sDrive, $sDir, $sFile, $sExt)
    $sCitrixDir = $aPath[1] & StringLeft($aPath[2], StringLen($aPath[2]) - 1)

;Launch the SelfService.exe with the command line options, and the working path, This will spawn a seperate item once fully loaded.
;Using ShellExecuteWait as once it's fully loaded, the initial process closes.
    $iPID = ShellExecuteWait($sCitrixApp, $sLaunchString, $sCitrixDir)
    ConsoleWrite("Launched the Citrix item" & @CRLF)


hmm... I guess I have to have a signature...

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