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accessing libftdi1.dll under Windows 10 crashes autoIt!?

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Hi there,

has anyone gotten libftdi1.dll working with autoit yet?

while calling "ftdi_new" seems to work, autoit crashes upon calling "ftdi_init"

code (validity checks removed for simplicity/readability...):

Local $hDll, $aRet, $pCntx

$hDll = DllOpen("libftdi1.dll")
$aRet = DllCall($hDll, "ptr", "ftdi_new")
$pCntx = $aRet[0]
$aRet = DllCall($hDll, "int", "ftdi_init", "ptr", $pCntx)  <<--- here autoit.exe crashes

note: this is the 32bit version of ftdi1.dll running in 64bit Windows 10 (the script uses another dll where I only have the 32 bit variant...)

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well, no - it actually is the x86 version of that libftdi1.dll running under 64bit Windows 10 that crashes AutoIt
- the 64bit version seems to work; I haven't really checked that, but at least ftdi_init() and a few more return success and do not crash AutoIt anymore!

Now the big question: where do I get the 64bit Version of commg.dll from?
- this is at the moment the blocking point that enforces me to use 32 bit DLLs

(commg.dll is a dll for serial communication of UART
 - I need to be in full control of port settings such as baudrate - and have not found any other solution for that yet)

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