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Request to design UDF for dll file

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Hello, dear.
I am a newbie in autoit language
I don't master any other programming language.
I also don't understand how to manage the DLL files
In addition to all this I am blind, and as we all know the explanations provided for the blind in programming are very few.
So I'm trying to rely on myself for learning.
I work hard to design some simple software and tools that make it easier to use computers, as they perform some tasks that may be difficult for the blind.
I am also looking for the programs that the blind need and cannot use it because it's haven't the compatibility with the screen reader, and i try to design a simple programs that do the same work.
In these tools and programs I have to deal directly with screen readers, when i must to forcing these programs to read some processes and tasks that it cannot be read in normal mode.
To force these programs to read, I have to deal with the API files.
And as I said, I'm very weak in managing DLLs.
So I hope you'll try to help me, please.
I did a lot of research until I found the API file to manage the free screen reader (NVDA).
It is open source
It is based on CPP language and Python
And I don't understand the both languages.
For this I decided to put you an API file link here which is attached with it examples, source and DLL file
I hope you can help me by convert these functions to AutoIt include file
I offer you a very serious apology if the participation is a violation of the laws.
I wish I could find here someone to help me.
To download the file please click on this link
and To download the free screen reader,  please following this link
I repeat my apologies and thanks in advance.


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@nacerbaaziz you say you're "trying to rely on yourself for learning", yet you are basically asking others to do it for you. As you have been told in the past, this is not a forum where you put in an order and someone barfs up the code for you. Looking at your previous posts, you seem to do okay when you want to. Why not try something on your own, and post when you get stuck?

And if, as you constantly say, you just don't understand - then rather than expecting others to do the work for you, just purchase one of the off-the-shelf screen readers. There are a number of them that are low or no cost, as I have done some work myself with the visually impaired.

"Profanity is the last vestige of the feeble mind. For the man who cannot express himself forcibly through intellect must do so through shock and awe" - Spencer W. Kimball

How to get your question answered on this forum!

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dear @JLogan3o13
Thank you for your reply
I was thought the road was too hard, but when I read your reply, I decided to start a lot of experiments,
Since the morning, I've been trying until now.
And I've been successful in the last experiment, after having been hopeless.
I'm currently designing the UDF on my own, and I'm going to post it here after it's done.

I repeat the thanks to you for warning me.

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