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Options for passing data to compiled script

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I don't have any experience compiling AutoIt scripts or know of any best practices regarding said scripts so I was wondering, what are some of the options for passing data to complied scripts? Here's an example of what I mean by "option": Writing data to a text file, then running a script which reads the data from that text file.


I apologize if this topic is a little lackluster

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You could use:

Command line parameters 

The clipboard

The edit box in the hidden Autoit window

An INI file.

These should get you started.





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Thanks for those suggestions, I'm sure they will come in handy.

Crazy use case here and I understand this is a poor question, but I plan to run scripts from PHP when my REST API is called, with that in mind, would using an INI file be best or is there a more suited method of passing data via PHP?

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1 hour ago, Rhidlor said:

is there a more suited method of passing data via PHP? 

Execute the script directly via PHP and supply the data as command line parameters, that is how I always do it. Make sure you sanitize all user input before passing it into the command.

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@Rhidlor My pleasure, you may also find it useful to know how to directly execute scripts via the AutoIt3.exe interperter without compiling them: https://www.autoitscript.com/autoit3/docs/intro/running.htm


The AutoIt3.exe interpreter, or the interpreter stub of any compiled Autoit script, can normally be used to run AutoIt scripts directly from the command line.  In all cases the /ErrorStdOut switch allows the redirection of a fatal error to StdOut which can then be captured by an application such as the SciTE editor. This switch can be used with both the interpreter and a compiled script.

Run a script using the interpreter

AutoIt3.exe [/ErrorStdOut] [/AutoIt3ExecuteScript] filename [params ...]                 Execute the AutoIt3 script 'filename' with optional parameters

At its simplest: AutoIt3.exe myScript.au3 will run a standard AutoIt script 'myScript.au3' with no parameters.


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